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Tool Machine Cable

DAEGUN is producing machine tool cables mainly into Doosan high precision processing tool machine's cable, cable assembly, and cable harness.

In order to produce good quality cables, all the works with one accord to make durable and stable cables.

DAEGUN has the best technique and productivity in order to make simple, complicated, and various cable assemblies.

  1. Sensor Cable

      Product name : SENSOR CABLE ASS’Y'
      Use : It is possible to use in various purpose, applies proximity sense and connector links from.
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  2. Link Cable

      Product name : NC system I/O LINK Cable
      Use : This cable is flexible which connects numerical control system and input-output cable system.
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  3. Pump Cable

      Product name : COOLANT JET OPTION CABLE
      Use : This cable connects to coolant in order to label print and length designation of cable. It is easy to wire in control panel.
      1.5SQ BK
      LUG 1.5SQ/DIA5
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  4. Pump Cable

      Product name : CHIP CONVERYOR CABLE ASS’Y'
      Use : It is composed MS connector and pin-connector cable harness. Easy to wire in control panel.
      KIV 0.75SQ
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  5. Motor Cable

      Product name : AXIS MOTOR POWER CABLE
      Use : It controls motor connected tool machine and control box. Consisted of MS connector and AMP connector.
      X-X TYPE CON
      ROVVU 2.0SQ
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