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DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.has been preparing for the future with
Stable performance and quality.


DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY CO., the Company which jumps up to be a leading Company in the World for the future with Outstanding technique and several manufacture experience,everyone, With One mind, is trying to be the best to each field.

DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. accomplishes high level of reliability needed equipment of lay out, production, equipment assembling, and test and evaluation for Control Box and Wire Harness in semiconductor production relating equipment, Chip Mounter, and machine tools and all kinds of test equipment, production inspect equipment, and Wire Harness in Defense Industry.

Moreover, we construct the best production facilities for dealing with the rapidly changing circumstances and improve production quality by continuous training and support for members of DAEGUN.

Also, ongoing investment to technology and research and development, we will become a leading company in the world by developing new technology and the best production.

CEO Ki-Soo, Shin
Date of Establishment Oct. 1st, 1998
Number of Employees 170 employees
Capital 800 million WON
Asset 14 billion WON
Total Sales 24 billion WON (Based on the end of DEC, 2011)
Business Field Defend Industry, Cable Assembly, and Tool Machine.
Main Productions
  • Test Equipment and Cable Assembly for Aircraft.
  • Cable Assembly for Tool machine and Industrial equipment.
  • Industrial Equipment for producing semiconductor, SM series.
  • Control Box of Tool machine and Electric discharge machine.
Place of Business
  • Head Office (1st Plant) : GyeongSangNamDo, ChangWon City, Uichang-Gu, Sahwaro, 138 (Palyong-Dong 42-3)
  • 2nd Plant : GyeongSangNamDo, ChangWon City, Uichang-Gu, Jukjeonro, 68th street 17(Palyong-Dong 44-4)