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Compliance Program


CEO Message

Dear Executives and Staff members,

The purpose of CP is to maintain the fairness, honesty, and active competition, and it is our policy in order to follow the fair trade law.

Thereby imposing CP in 2012, be social responsible company by obeying law and try to settle fair trade culture and trade order with us and other similar entrepreneurs. By doing these, DAEGUN contributes to fair-minded social construction.

If you disobey CP, you may be sentenced fine or imprisonment, company may get a huge fine by disobeying CP. Moreover, you may be sued of a damage suit, and be fined a huge find, and you may lose considerable business cost and time by investigation from the authorities.

Therefore, CP is very important to obey, and the result of disobey is extremely serious; you must obey CP.

Especially, in ‘Handbook of Compliance Program’, it introduces what kinds of actions disobey Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act in DAEGUN’s business activity.

For the all executives and staff members, please read the handbook carefully and prevent the disobeying of the law.