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Defense Industry

Develop and produce
cable assembly, harness, and test equipment in Defense Industry with unfailing precision.

Also, producing exclusive test equipment such as Breakout Box, Portable-Aircraft Relays, Test Equipment for Hydraulic System, and Rotor Defroster Terrestrial Function Test Utilzation Equipment for supersonic high trainer (T-50), basic trainer (KT-1), and localized maneuver helicopter (KUH-Surion).

We will be professional in the aerospace industry by steady technical development and discovering capable talented persons.

Equipment applied Aircraft

Supersonic High Trainer, T-50

KUH-Surion Helicopter


Basic Trainer, KT-1


      Name of Aircraft : T/A- 50
      Use : A cable assembly of connecting headset and microphone.
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  2. Tester, Potable-Aircraft Relays

      Name of Aircraft : T- 50
      Use : It is a portable tester. It automatically checks the problem of Relay, Timer Delay, Diode, and Resistor Modules that use in aircraft electrical powered system.
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  3. Breakout box assembly. PDU - assembly break check

      Name of Aircraft : T- 50
      Use : T-50’s power drive unit, authorization RVDT excitation voltage when asymmetry break rigging test and support output signal waveform, frequency, phase, and voltage measure.
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  4. Break out Box

      Name of Aircraft : KUH-Surion/T-50
      Use : Test equipment for checking the multifrequency signaling between Aircraft and LRU.
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  5. Checking Equipment for Hydraulic System

      Name of Aircraft : KUH-Surion
      Use : Checking equipment when aircraft, at terrestrial condition, processes hydraulic system.
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