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Industrial Cable

DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY proceeds all processes of Chip Mounter equipment and produces all cables, cable assemblies and harnesses into Chip Mounter equipment.

Also, supplies perfect and stable cables to customers because DAEGUN passed the SAMSUNG’s inspection and self-inspection of power cable assembly, vision cable assembly, flat cable assembly, and cable assembly for sensor of air solenoid valve, etc.

Moreover, supplies perfect and stable cables in purpose of home appliances.

We will keep improving and developing customers’ equipment performance with well-cared industrial cables with stability and technique.

  1. Flat Cable

      Product name : Flexible Flat Cable
      Use : It is a high speed movable cable which applies industrial equipment, robots, and medical equipment.
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  2. SMEMA Cable

      Product name : Inline test cable
      Use : It exchanges the signal between equipment and equipment.
      UL2464 2P 22AWG
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  3. Sensor Cable

      Product name : PCB_SENSOR CABLE ASS'Y'
      Use : To sense the up and down movement of table in industrial equipment, able to be used in various methods.
      ROHS(Restriction of
      Hazardous Substances Directive)
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  4. Air Solenoid Cable Ass’y

      Use : It is a power cable in order to send current to pneumatic device and air solenoid.
      CONV I/F B/D CN5
      ROHS(Restriction of
      Hazardous Substances)
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  5. Encoder Cable

      Product name : RX MOTOR ENC-EXT CABLE ASS'Y
      Use : It is a cable which connects RX DRIVER and REAR FLAT CABLE connector.
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