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CEO Greeting


It is a pleasure to meet you!
I Consider the promise with Customers is the best Worth;
my name is Ki-SOO, Shin.

Since founded in 1998, DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY has been grown up by preceded professionalism and technical skills, We are striving to keep pace with rapid changes manufacturing domain during last 10 years. Nowadays, We have kept on developing rapidly for industrial cable and hardware equipment manufacturer.

For the all results, it is very thankful to our customers' supports and to all Workers' effort based on several producing experience, and all Workers try to be the best in the each field with one mind.

DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY establishes a solid foothold by continuous investment, research, and development; we will catch new technical development and the best goods.

Moreover, We will do our best in foreign investment and exportation with the new possibility and the pioneer spirit.
Please Watch how DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY will become a leading industrial equipment hardware company with Customers' confidence, corporate transparency, renovation, and development.